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About Monkapaws®!




All my pieces are hand-made and one of a kind.  

No Mass Productions here.



Authentic Typewriter Key Jewelry - Timeless Beauty


Typewriter Key jewelry is an ideal gift for all.  From the hip stylish

ecclectic personalities to the old fashioned generation that remember and appreciate the simplicity of the good ol' days gone by.  Who wouldn't want to be adorned with a nearly hundred year old antique anyways?  


My designs include everything from bracelets, necklaces, rings, cufflinks, earrings, tie pins, and brooch style pins.  


I also design and create custom pieces with names, birth-dates, initials and messages/words on them.   


The Keys


What a collection I have.... 

I have collected many typewriters from various parts of the world.  My collection consists of Hebrew, Russian, German, French, Flemish, Swedish, Spanish, Greek, and British typewriter keys.  Most of the models are Remington, Corona, Oliver, Royal, and Underwood.

My favorite is the Smith and Corona not only are they beautiful pieces of history well made from head to toe, but some of keys were done in the Serif font and were made of porcelain...oh my.  

Collecting is my thing - so I even have even managed  to salvage some vintage cash registers in the process.  


There are so many styles and variations.  I never know what I will find and I rarely seem to come across the same exact model twice (that keeps it exciting).  I always seem to find something uniquely special with each one. The character styles from key to key is amazing.  I am always surprised at what is out there. 


Please keep in mind when ordering the color of the typewriter key, black or white, I refer to the color of the key not the color of the lettering.  So if you order a black key, you will be ordering a black key with white lettering.  



The Process


I only use recycled vintage manual typewriter keys from the early to mid 1900's.  Most are nearly 100 years old!!!!  It is true they don't make things like they used to.  The keys themselves are quite stable and robust. The typewriter machines were very well made also.   Hence there is some difficulty removing and restoring the keys.  Rarely do I find "mint" keys.

Most of the keys  were loved  a lot and show imperfections and wear; which I find utterly charming.  


I recently started to incorporate some of the typewriter strikers/hammers in to my pieces.  They are magical pieces.  


ALL LIMITED EDITION    "Design Patents Pending" 


Collage Altered Art Jewelry


These trendy collage altered art necklaces, rings, pendants, earrings, cufflinks, money clips and bracelets designs are made from our personal collection of vintage text, old-fashioned illustrations, photos and other exciting ephemera materials.  Once each unique design is created it is then mounted between two glass pieces, and then soldered together to create a stylish piece of jewelry. The designs are one of a kind creations; sorry no reproductions are made.  


Assemblage Jewelry


Where mixed media meets my imagination.  

My love and fascination with all vintage orphaned found objects, which could be anything I find or somethings that I avidly collect has lead me to create these pieces.  

There are no boundaries or limits for these creations.  I find beauty in the odd, unexpected and unpredictable.  

My creations therefore are quirky, playful, and have a touch whimsy.  


Vintage Button Jewelry


Our button jewelry pieces are made from our extensive collection of vintage buttons and antique jewelry pieces.  I could literally look at these for hours on end.  

The final pieces are just beautiful and somehow magically enhance the unique quality of each individual vintage piece used.    


Grammie's Broken China Jewelry


My love and fascination for anything old and discarded doesn't end there.  I have created a dramatic line of jewelry from broken pieces of china.  These romantic designs are made from discarded old china which has been given a breathe of new life in my whimsical jewelry designs.  


The Artist


Responsible for these mixed-media alternative jewelry designs is Renee Berglund, a local San Francisco Bay Area artist.  Her unique and eccentric jewelry designs have quickly become the talk of the town .   


I take great pride in each and every piece that I make.  


Where to Buy


Monkapaws® is located in San Jose, California. Our custom made designs can be found on this site and around the San Francisco Bay Area at various events and festivals.




Monkapaws® was the nick name of our Bernese Mountain Dog, Guinness





Rest in peace my love...




Gone Green


Monkapaws® has been officially recognized and certified by Santa Clara County as a GREEN business.  

To be certified "green," participants must be in compliance with all regulations and meet program standards for conserving resources, preventing pollution and minimizing waste. - SCC


For more information on becoming green in your community visit -

go green.



Monkapaws was awarded First Place in Jewelry at the 35th Annual Almaden Art and Wine Festival; 

September 18, 2011.



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